The SketchUp Hub is brought to you by Anita Brown 3D Visualisation. Anita has developed a range of courses to help Interior Designers and students, produce accurate floor plans and elevations, at a professional level, for the ultimate benefit of their business or studies.  Anita has also shared her knowledge of image editing techniques, by creating online courses that show her students how to transform their plans into beautiful, watercolour illustrations.

Anita Brown entered the world of 3D Visualisation as a result of her Interior Design studies, where she first became aware of CAD software, particularly SketchUp. She was immediately obsessed and amazed by SketchUp the minute she stumbled upon it! Due to its user-friendly interface and intuitive nature, Anita has been using SketchUp for a number of years to construct 3D models for her 3D Visualisation business, which serves the Interior Design, Wedding Planning and Event Design industries.

Anita’s natural creative ability and technical skill has enabled her to produce courses that are based on precision and accuracy, which results in engaging and whimsical imagery.

Anita is acutely aware of the importance of floor plans and elevations to the daily role of the Interior Designer.  She also understands how daunting it can be, to try and self-teach CAD software, especially when you are trying to run a business, or have the added pressures of studying.  It’s for these reasons that the SketchUp Hub was born!

Notable 3D Visualisation commissions include Grand Designs Live in London, the House & Garden Festival, Heal’s and War Child UK.  Anita is a Maxwell Render Certified Xpert Trainer and she has also written a number of expert articles for 3D World Magazine.


Grand Designs Live – Vintage Edison Bulb

Heals Window Display – Watercolour Illustration

War Child UK – London Event

House & Garden Festival – Watercolour Illustration

The SketchUp Hub’s overall vision is to empower Interior Designers, and particularly women, with the right technical skills to produce accurate drawings and creative illustrations at professional standards.  We’re going to do this by creating an accessible, engaging and fully supported learning environment which promotes the development of STEM related skills to a female driven industry.

We’ll show you how to create professional technical drawings to support your design processes and to help you confidently facilitate discussion with Architects, Sub-Contractors or Tradesmen.

It’s important to have various techniques at your disposal, depending on the situation.  Illustrations are excellent for website design, marketing, client presentations and e-design services.

Communicate your designs using a high level of accuracy and professionalism, combined with a charming dollop of creativity.  We’ll show you all of the necessary techniques.  

The SketchUp Hub received CPD accreditation from the British Institute of Interior Design for two of its online courses in October 2018.

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