12% commission on SketchUp Bundles and 8% commission on Student Bundles purchased as a result of your referral.

Cookie duration of 30 days.  This means you have the potential to earn commission within a 30 day window.

Up-to-date information on new releases and product launches, including special offers and promotions.

Keep track of your commissions and total earnings with a dedicated control panel only for Affiliates.  


Learn And Earn 

Giving our students the opportunity to generate an income by promoting and recommending our courses aligns with our goal of helping to empower female Interior Designers and building a positive community where women support other women in the industry.   Whether you are an Interior Design student or a professional, you can help make a difference to the daily workflow of a fellow Designer, while being financially rewarded at the same time!  We have a generous Cookie duration of 30 days, this means you’ll receive commission on purchases via an affiliate link within a 30 day window.  You don’t need to be a student of the SketchUp Hub to be approved as an Affiliate, read our FAQs below for more information.  

Benefits For Your Customers

– Your prospects will be buying directly from a reputable and professional online learning platform, with a high level of dedicated support;

– Simple and secure payment processing;

– Exclusive incentives, discounts, desirable bundles and campaigns.


How Do I Apply To Become An Affiliate?

All you have to do is complete our Affiliate registration form by clicking here.  You’ll receive an email confirming receipt of your application (check your Spam folder if you don’t receive an email in your inbox) and once approved, we’ll send a confirmation email letting you know.  Easy peasy!

Please note that a PayPal email address is required to become an Affiliate.  After your application has been approved, and you login to your Affiliate Account, you will be asked to provide details of your PayPal email address.

Do I Need To Be A SketchUp Hub Student To Be An Affiliate?

Nope!  Obviously it would be beneficial if you had personal knowledge of our online courses when promoting and recommending our products but if you are a credible presence in the industry, we’ll be more than happy to have you on board as an Affiliate.  Apply here.

I'm Already Registered With The SketchUp Hub. Do I Need To Apply?

Yes!  We need to set up your Affiliate account and provide you with access to your control panel, so we need you to complete a registration form specifically for our Affiliate Programme.  You also need to register so that we can add you to our Affiliate email list – please ensure you check your Spam folder for the invite. Apply here.

Please use a different email account from the email address you used to register with the SketchUp Hub.

How Do I Access My Affiliate Account?

Access your Affiliate account/control panel by logging into the SketchUp Hub website, then click your username located at the top right hand corner, where a menu will appear.  Then select ‘Affiliate Account’.

Click on your username, then select ‘Affiliate Account’ from the menu


After you have selected Affiliate Account you will be taken to your control panel.  Click on the various headings for more information.

The Affiliate control panel

Which Products Can I Promote & Recommend?

At present all Affiliates can promote our two Bundle courses: the SketchUp Bundle for professionals and the Student Bundle, which includes the same content as the SketchUp Bundle but it has been discounted for students.  This may change and we will notify all Affiliates of any revisions/new additions to the Affiliate Programme or exclusive discounts/campaigns as and when necessary.  Affiliates are not permitted to promote any products other than those specified by the SketchUp Hub under the Affiliate Programme, which is clearly stipulated in our Terms and Conditions, which all Affiliates must agree to after registering.

*Excludes purchases of the SketchUp Bundle and Student Bundle via our payment plans.

Will I Be Provided With Links & Graphics?

Banner Ads

Once you access your control panel, you will have access to ‘creatives’ (graphics that have been created to use as Banner Ads on your website and/or blog).  These graphics are linked to HTML code which includes your Affiliate ID.  This means that if you include one of these Banner Ads on your website and your website visitor clicks on it, and makes a purchase on our website, you will receive the stipulated commission for this purchase.

Click on the heading ‘Affiliate Links’ in the Affiliate control panel to view the range of Text and Image links available


We have created a number of different designs and image sizes; you’re welcome to use whichever designs you prefer, or feel is most suitable for your website and/or blog.


Example of a Banner Ad provided as part of our Affiliate Programme

To display a Banner Ad on your website/blog you must insert the associated HTML code via back-office functions.  For example, in WordPress you can insert HTML using the ‘Text’ tab when creating Posts or Pages.  Or you could create a Text/Shortcode Widget to add the relevant HTML code.  In order to use the HTML linked graphics you will need to have a working knowledge of the back-office of your website.

Please watch the short video below for more information on how to upload a Banner Ad using WordPress.


Referral Links

You can also use the ‘Generate Referral URL’ tool to copy and paste the URL of a product on the SketchUp Hub (only products permitted under the Affiliate Programme) to generate an Affiliate link which associates the product link with your Affiliate ID (watch the above video for more information).  This type of link is useful for linking text on websites, blogs and for inclusion in Social Media posts.

If we’re running a promotion, you will need to include the relevant (standard) discount code with Banner Ads and Referral Links!  


Unique Discount Codes

We will also be providing you with your very own discount code which is linked to your Affiliate ID.  This discount code must not be used in conjunction with the Banner Ads or Referral Links.  Once a customer includes this discount code at the checkout the commission will be assigned to you automatically.

We will be providing you with standard discount codes also, which aren’t linked to your Affiliate ID.  You can use these with Banner Ads and Referral Links.

Do I Need To Declare That I'm An Affiliate When Promoting Products?

Yes, it’s very important that you are transparent when promoting and recommending SketchUp Hub products.  If you are using Banner Ads/Referral Links on your website or blog you should have a visible statement advising that if the website visitor makes a purchase via your link, you will earn a commission at no additional cost to him/her.

If you are posting a Referral Link or discount code on Social Media you should also mention that it is an Affiliate link.

What is Cookie Duration & How Does It Work?

When a user visits a website via an Affiliate link, a cookie is saved on the user’s computer. We use cookies to track Affiliate referrals.

Each cookie has an expiry date.  We have set the duration of cookies for our Affiliate Programme to 30 days. This means, if a user comes to our site via an Affiliate link and purchases something within 30 days, the Affiliate who referred the user will receive a commission, unless the cookie is cleared from the browser manually.

A browser cookie is only tracked within the specific browser, so if a user opens a different browser and completes an action, it will not be tracked.

Why Does It Say 0% As The Rate of Commission in the Overview Section?

As part of the approval process, we need to stipulate a rate of commission for your Affiliate account.  We enter 0% to enable approval, however each product we have included in our Affiliate Programme has its own individual rate of Affiliate commission applied, which overrides this setting.

What Commission Will I Earn?

You will earn 12% commission for every SketchUp Bundle purchased using your Affiliate link and 8% commission for every Student Bundle purchased using your Affiliate link.

We will provide you with exclusive discount codes that you can provide to your prospects, you MUST NOT advertise discount codes continually on your website or blog.  We will advise you via our newsletter when you can advertise discount codes and for how long.  Commission is calculated AFTER the discount has been applied.

*Excludes purchases of the SketchUp Bundle and Student Bundle via our payment plans.

How Do I Receive My Commission?

All commissions will be paid using PayPal (therefore you MUST have a PayPal account to become a SketchUp Hub Affiliate).  Commissions will be paid once a month and you must have accrued at least £20.00 worth of commissions in order to receive payment.

How Is My Commission Calculated If A Discount Code Has Been Used?

Affiliate commission is calculated AFTER discount has been applied. See below example.

Purchase price: £116.00

Discount Applied: 10%

Customer Pays: £104.40

Affiliate Commission: £12.53

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