British Institute of Interior Design Accreditation

Validation by highly recognised and respected institutions is important for any business, especially one that’s still trying to establish itself, so it’s no surprise that we are absolutely thrilled, a bit emotional and super proud to announce that we have been given CPD accreditation by the British Institute of Interior Design for two of our online SketchUp courses.

We’re so proud of this major development that we’re not going to be low-key about it.  An announcement of this magnitude deserves flashing arrows, so here goes:

What is the mission of the British Institute of Interior Design?  It’s to encourage and support competence in the field of Interior Design by facilitating best practice, practical professional support, development opportunities and education.

Considering that the SketchUp Hub places so much emphasis on standards and professionalism when it comes to the creation of plans and drawings using CAD software, (namely SketchUp), you can see how perfectly we fit into the overall mission of the British Institute of Interior Design (BIID) and how privileged we feel to have been given CPD approval.

What is CPD?

CPD means Continuing Professional Development and it ensures that professionals maintain and update their skills and knowledge after qualification.  BIID Members must undertake and record 20 hours of CPD activities annually to retain their membership.

“A commitment to CPD helps to ensure that BIID Members are keeping up to date with the latest developments in a rapidly changing industry. It provides an opportunity to update personal and professional skills, a platform to engage with experts in the industry and a forum for the exchange ideas and best practice.”

From the British Institute of Interior Design Website

There are two different categories of CPD activities: Structured and Unstructured, and all BIID Members must undertake at least 10 hours Structured CPD activity.  And we’re delighted to confirm that the SketchUp Hub’s CPD activities for BIID are categorised as Structured, due to their online nature and clear learning objectives.  The BIID Knowledge Hub is an online platform that hosts a wide range of educational content, including the SketchUp Hub’s CPD courses.

The SketchUp Hub’s Accredited CPD Courses on the BIID Knowledge Hub

Click here to View Learning Objectives 

The two courses that have been BIID CPD approved are exactly the same as course #1 and course #2 on the SketchUp Hub.  BIID members who decide to purchase the SketchUp Bundle should contact us first so that we can make adjustments to the overall price, as the SketchUp Bundle course includes course #2 which is already offered to BIID members for free via the BIID Knowledge Hub.  This is only applicable from 12 October 2018 and cannot be applied retrospectively.

To sum up, we’re delighted with this outcome and look forward to many more collaborative opportunities with the British Institute of Interior Design in the future.



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  1. Fantastic Anita! Finally feel ready to tackle SketchUp!

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