Pushing Christmas Decor Boundaries

When you think of a Christmas styled interior, you rarely picture a design scheme consisting of mostly a very vivid blue and blush pink.

But us folk at the SketchUp Hub love experimenting with colour and new ways of combining colour, especially in certain seasons, where specific colours are considered more appropriate/acceptable.  We all know that gold, browns and burgundy are some of the hues most associated with Winter, but sometimes it’s refreshing to challenge these norms, push boundaries and break with convention!  It’s particularly important to do this when you’re an Interior Designer, because it ensures that your skill continues to evolve and develop.

There is always a starting point to any interior design scheme, it could be a piece of art, a rug, a cherished heirloom or charity shop find.  For this design scheme it was a blush pink sofa.  And we set to work creating a contemporary styled interior around it.

We created a watercolour elevation of the design scheme a few weeks ago, before we created a photo-real 3D visual, so we already knew that the blue/pink combo was a winner.  This elevation was created using SketchUp and Photoshop.


It’s a colour combination that we have never used before, but we decided to sample a few different shades of blue from the Benjamin Moore website and this shade of blue, called Marine Blue, was absolute perfection.  Its vibrancy projected the soft hues of the blush pink sofa perfectly.  Due to this visually strong, high contrast arrangement, we decided to keep everything else fairly low key and inoffensive.  Because there’s nothing worse than having too many design elements fighting for attention in the same room, right?

We create a Christmas themed 3D visual every year, and because we’re so fond of the pink and blue design, we decided to transform it into a Christmas inspired interior.  This was a risk because it was so non-traditional but we felt with the right styling, it could be a refreshing, contemporary alternative, without being too shocking and in-your-face.

Here’s the final photo-real Christmas scene


We’re not going to lie, we absolutely love it.

Everything about this design just works, from the gold mirror, and the striped cushion, to the mustard coloured candle holder.  The secret to this design scheme was making sure that everything else around the blue wall and pink sofa wasn’t too distracting.  Pattern has been used sparingly and the only other colours used are white and a muted blue/green (used in the rug from Heal’s and the flower pot).

This is a fun and uplifting design scheme, which remains grounded due to its rich colour palette and strong Scandinavian roots.



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