I show you how to create a window treatment elevation and apply colour and texture.

What are the learning outcomes for this course?

    • Learn how to create a window treatment elevation, including the creation of windows and placement of curtains/furniture from the 3D Warehouse and how to apply colour and import JPEGs for specific (seamless) patterns
    • Become familiar with the various drawing tools to create an elevation, including the following: Tape Measure tool, Line tool, the Offset tool, the Scale tool and the Materials tool
    • Learn how to edit 3D models from the 3D Warehouse to incorporate into your design
    • Learn how to apply materials to 3D models
    • Learn the importance of organising your elevation, by creating Scenes and Layers
    • Learn how to change the style of the elevation into a hand sketched illustration
    • Learn how to transform a SketchUp elevation into a Watercolour, using
    • Learn how to transform a SketchUp elevation into a Watercolour, using FotoSketcher

The Elevations You’ll Be Creating In This Course

Who is the Target Audience?

  • This course is aimed at Interior Designers, Interior Design students, Interior Decorators, Interior Architects, Interior Stylists and Home Staging professionals, with no previous (or very limited) knowledge of SketchUp.

Professional Practice

  • This course will provide you with the necessary SketchUp skills to create an accurate elevation based on real life measurements and the application of actual patterns/textures and wall paints available from Retailers and Suppliers; supporting your design processes and allowing you to confidently communicate your design, as part of a client presentation.  You will also be taught the necessary image editing skills in Photoshop to present an elevation as a watercolour illustration (please note advanced rendering is offered in course #7), which will demonstrate effective use of digital rendering techniques, a high level of creativity and professionalism, coupled with a strong brand identity.  Digital watercolour illustrations will allow you to present your ideas in a whimsical and artistic way, whilst retaining an efficient workflow in a professional design studio.  This course will also provide you with the ability to consider alternative options, when you need to produce illustrations quickly but without compromising on quality (FotoSketcher).  The various styles of elevations produced are incredibly multi-functional and can be incorporated in online portfolios, social media marketing, website design, blog content and e-design services.


  • Includes downloadable files.
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Posting a Review

  • Once you’ve completed the course, we would really appreciate if you could take two minutes to post a review! Check out the video in our Forum, for more information on how to do this.


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