I show you how to create a basic floor plan, including windows and doors.

What are the learning outcomes for this course?

  • Learn how to choose and edit a Style to create a technical floor plan
  • Become familiar with the various drawing tools to create a basic floor plan, including the following: Tape Measure tool, Line tool, Rectangle tool, the Offset tool and the Arc Tool
  • Use the various drawing tools to create doors and windows
  • Learn how to create Groups and Components

The Floor Plan You’ll Be Creating In This Course

SketchUp Floor Plan with Windows and a Door

Who is the Target Audience?

  • This course is aimed at Interior Designers, Interior Design students, Interior Decorators, Interior Architects, Interior Stylists and Home Staging professionals, with no previous (or very limited) knowledge of SketchUp.
  • Register with the SketchUp Hub, for free access to one of the video tutorials for this course: ‘Choosing and Editing a Style’! Go to the ‘Curriculum’ tab and scroll down to where the ‘Free’ label is, and click on the title of the video tutorial to view. Easy, peasy! 

Professional Practice

  • This course will provide you with the necessary SketchUp skills to create an accurate (technical) floor plan based on real life dimensions, including the construction of windows and doors, as per recognised technical drawing symbols.  You will learn how to create a floor plan accurately and efficiently, and in a professional manner, to support your design processes when considering layout and traffic flow.  This basic floor plan will be the foundation from which you will add further detail in course #3, where you will add a furniture layout and lighting plan.  Ultimately, this floor plan will be used to assist your design workflow and to facilitate discussion with clients when communicating design proposals.


  • Includes downloadable files.
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CPD Accredited

This course has been given CPD accreditation by the British Institute of Interior Design.  Learn more here.


Posting a Review

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Course Reviews


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  1. Painless!


    This is so painless to learn, the videos are really clear and concise. Perfect for just starting out as well as experienced users. So looking forward to the rest of them.

  2. Great Course


    This course was very informative. I feel that I can draw a floor plan now.

  3. Takes the fear out of SketchUp


    Another great short course that does exactly what it says on the tin. Anita’s instructions are clear and simple to follow if you’ve never used SketchUp before. It’s great to be able to follow along with her and, just to prove the course worked, I created my own floor plan in my SketchUp as I went. Being able to pause and replay any element of the instructions also helped to confirm my understanding. I feel much more confident as a result of completing the course. The only word of caution is to watch out if you have a Mac, there are some slight differences in what tools are customisable and where these can be found (maybe a note on these might help in future). But that didn’t prevent me being able to follow the course, so please give it a go if you’d like to be able to use the software asap! Thanks Anita and SketchUp Hub for your help!

  4. #2 Creating a basic floor plan


    The course was so easy to understand and follow. Anita explained everything efficiently and I can’t wait to go for the next course …

  5. Smart and Concise!


    Ecstatic to have run across Anita and the SketchUp Hub on my search to learn SketchUp!(!!!!) First, I love her work and style – so was intrigued to try the first course (c’mon, it’s free!). The course is laid out in such a smart and concise manner, I decided to commit to the bundle of courses. In signing up and communicating with Anita (over email and the Facebook Group), I have such respect for Anita and how she is teaching SketchUp. (I know, I sound like a fan girl!). The community she has created is so motivational and I’m so excited to take all the courses!

  6. Easy to follow


    This tutorial was easy to follow, and showed all of the steps needed to create a professional floor plan. I’m now addicted!

  7. Course #2


    Fabulous! Really enjoyed this course. It was quick and easy to follow along. Thank you Anita!

  8. Loving This!


    Thanks Anita for all your help today. I am whizzing along and inspired to keep going at a pace. Can’t wait to start the next course.

  9. So helpful!


    A great step by step tutorial through creating a basic floor plan. Helping me learn SketchUp and draw for my degree coursework. So easy to follow along.

  10. Easy to follow and understand!


    I have downloaded from other sources, re: how to use SketchUp and found that this course, so far, is easier to follow and understand.

  11. Thank you!


    Great explanation of how to draw a floor plan! Looking forward to learning more in courses 3-7 🙂

  12. Loving these tutorials


    So, I’ve spent the morning with Anita and let’s be honest, she’s absolutely fabulous at facilitating these online tutorials. I’ve just completed Creating a Basic Floor Plan and am super proud that I was able to create our master bedroom to spec! Looking forward to getting stuck into the other courses! Thanks Anita! You rock my jocks!

  13. Loving it!!


    I have never done an online course which I am enjoying as much as I am enjoying this one! Anita makes it so easy to follow and repeat!

  14. Great tutorial


    This tutorial is very clear and easy to follow along. Anita does a great job explaining why she does certain things. It has made my floorplan much easier to draw up.

  15. Detailed and to the point


    I like the beginning of my SketchUp Hub journey very much! All the information provided in a very clear and interesting manner.

  16. SketchUp Hub Bundle Course


    Excellent, easy to follow and practical

  17. Course #2 Review


    I love how short and concise each of the videos are. I’ve learned so much already thanks to Anita’s clear instruction!

  18. #2


    Excellent. Very detailed and great support.

  19. Very Informative


    The video tutorials are good and simple to follow, especially for a beginner who doesn’t have any background in 3D modelling.

  20. Course 2


    Just finished Course 2….absolutely brilliant, easy to follow and with some invaluable tips.

  21. Excellent


    It’s taken me a while but so glad I have persevered. Anita’s instructions are clear and her ongoing support is fantastic.

  22. Course Two


    Very useful in getting to know all the tools and tricks of Sketchup.

  23. Step by Step


    Loving this course! Step by step, I am learning how to use SketchUp! I love Anita and how helpful these tutorials are. Thank you so much for all you do!!!

  24. A real time saver


    Lots of info in a great logical format. Well worth it to save time I’d spend experimenting. Anita has done all the hard work already.

  25. Creating a Basic Floor Plan


    This video tutorial contains a lot of helpful information and tips which helped me learn how to create a basic floor plan using SketchUp. Anita’s teaching style makes it very easy for me to follow and understand. Anita did the ground work and put all of her hard work in the tutorial video which saved time for me. I have learned a lot in a short amount of time.

  26. #2 Floor Plans


    I am really enjoying Anita’s teaching style. I love how I can go back and recheck things if they didn’t sink in the first time.
    Thanks Anita.

  27. Helpful!


    Anita is very clear, which helps with absorbing the info. I learned AutoCAD in the past, and there are many similarities with SketchUp. I decided to purchase the bundle and keep upgrading my skills! After I learn the 2D I’ll be moving onto 3D, so I hope Anita makes those courses as well soon.

  28. So grateful for SketchUp Hub!


    Loving the courses so far. Just following along creating a floor plan as each short video demonstrates. Anita, your teaching is great and my confidence is growing. I know that I would’ve really struggled without your help. Looking forward to the next installment! Thanks 🙂

  29. Very Helpful


    This is a very helpful course. Although it would be great to have a MAC version, as some of the features / shortcuts are different. Any plans to do this, like you did with course number 1?

  30. #2


    Excellent to follow. Thanks!

  31. Easy Learning


    I didn’t think I would enjoy these courses, but Anita has made them super easy to learn! Looking forward to finishing the rest.

  32. Super straightforward!


    As a self confessed technophobe, I thought it was about time I learned how to use the software that has been sitting unused in my Laptop for months! I am so glad I chose these courses. I found it really straightforward and easy to learn. I am no longer quite so scared of SketchUp! The site is easy to use and the forum is a great idea, as I am sure I will have many questions in the future. Thanks Anita.

  33. #2


    The best way to learn SketchUp. So grateful to Anita for the SketchUp Hub, so detailed, simple and easy to understand this course.

  34. 5

    Very informative, easy to follow … Anita is brilliant!

  35. Great tutorial!


    Anita provides really good and clear instructions to get you started on a basic floor plan.

  36. Great Basic skills


    Well worth it to gain an understanding of the basic skills needed for the following modules. I wasted so much time watching various YouTube tutorials from other people which just confused me. Money well spent….looking forward to course #3.

  37. So helpful!


    Again another invaluable course. I had self-taught a lot of the things used in this course but not using them correctly. Following this quick and easy course has been a huge help.

  38. Great course!


    Easy to follow. Instructor is methodical and that works for my Virgo brain 🙂

  39. Excellent!!!


    What an excellent and easy way to learn SketchUp, so easy to understand and follow! I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone wanting to learn SketchUp!

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