I show you how to create a basic floor plan, including windows and doors.

What are the learning outcomes for this course?

  • Learn how to choose and edit a Style to create a technical floor plan
  • Become familiar with the various drawing tools to create a basic floor plan, including the following: Tape Measure tool, Line tool, Rectangle tool, the Offset tool and the Arc Tool
  • Use the various drawing tools to create doors and windows
  • Learn how to create Groups and Components

The Floor Plan You’ll Be Creating In This Course

SketchUp Floor Plan with Windows and a Door

Who is the Target Audience?

  • This course is aimed at Interior Designers, Interior Design students, Interior Decorators, Interior Architects, Interior Stylists and Home Staging professionals, with no previous (or very limited) knowledge of SketchUp.
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Professional Practice

  • This course will provide you with the necessary SketchUp skills to create an accurate (technical) floor plan based on real life dimensions, including the construction of windows and doors, as per recognised technical drawing symbols.  You will learn how to create a floor plan accurately and efficiently, and in a professional manner, to support your design processes when considering layout and traffic flow.  This basic floor plan will be the foundation from which you will add further detail in course #3, where you will add a furniture layout and lighting plan.  Ultimately, this floor plan will be used to assist your design workflow and to facilitate discussion with clients when communicating design proposals.


  • Includes downloadable files.
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CPD Accredited

This course has been given CPD accreditation by the British Institute of Interior Design.  Learn more here.


Posting a Review

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