The Final Mood Boards You Will Be Creating Using Canva & Photoshop

Grid Mood Board – Canva

Magazine Style Mood Board – PS


This self-paced, online course will show you how to create mood boards with structure, balance and cohesion; while allowing you to communicate your design proposals accurately and professionally.

This mood board course has been created specifically for Interior Designers, and particularly those who may feel nervous about learning image editing software. The content, style and flow of this course is aimed at beginners, however those wishing to upskill in terms of their presentation techniques will find it invaluable too!

Learning outcomes

  • Learn the fundamentals of Canva, including various presentation techniques to create a visually striking (grid style) mood board.

  • Learn the fundamentals of Photoshop, including various presentation techniques to create a visually striking (magazine style) mood board.

  • Learn how to create an Instagram & Pinterest optimised mood board using Canva and Photoshop, to support social media marketing and promotion (can also be used for Facebook).

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Learn More About Grid & Magazine Styles


This style of mood board has lots of structure, with a strong Modernist influence via the grid layout. It’s perfect for Interior Designers who like their mood boards to be crisp, clean and straight to the point.  Requires very little image editing knowledge/experience and can be created extremely quickly due to the ‘drag and drop’ format of Canva.  Perfect for novices to build confidence when creating mood boards and Designers working to a tight deadline.

A glossy magazine style mood board has lots of white space; the perfect backdrop to allow items to take centre stage. It’s ideal for Interior Designers who like to experiment with their creativity and reflect the individuality of their brand. Requires advanced image editing skills and knowledge of presentation techniques. The perfect solution for those ready to upskill and stand out from the crowd.




the importance of image size and composition

how to create a custom mood board size

how to customise a grid layout

how to resize an image so that it fits in a grid

how to add reference numbers within a circle 

how to create a circle with a border

how to create an Instagram optimised mood board


how to create a new document to a specific size

the difference between image size and resolution

how to add guides using specific measurements

how to use Photoshop layers

how to create different graphics/shapes 

download & import custom brushes 

download & import custom fonts

how to remove white backgrounds

change the colour of objects in an image

resize, move and edit images





The Final Instagram & Pinterest Optimised Mood Boards You Will Be Creating Using Canva & Photoshop


Optimised Mood Board – Canva

Optimised Mood Board – PS


It’s vital that Interior Designers maximise their exposure on social media to remain visible, competitive and relevant; especially on platforms where interior design related content is in demand: namely Instagram and Pinterest.  In these video tutorials we show you how to create mood boards that optimise the real estate available on a phone so that your images stand out and attract the interest of your target market.  We show you how to create mobile optimised mood boards in both Canva and Photoshop so that you have a range of design options available to you.

Click HERE to watch Chapters 1 and 2 of this course for FREE

Target Audience

  • This course is aimed at Interior Designers, Interior Design students, Interior Decorators, Interior Architects, Interior Stylists and Home Staging professionals.  However, anyone who is required to produce mood boards as part of their business/role will benefit from this course.

Professional Studio

  • This course will provide you with the necessary image editing skills and digital presentation techniques to produce creative, professional and visually striking digital mood boards, to assist you in accurately conveying your design proposals to clients.  This will demonstrate effective presentation skills, a keen eye for detail, proficient use of image editing software, a high level of creativity and professionalism, coupled with a strong brand identity.  This course will also provide you with the ability to consider different styles, without compromising on quality (Photoshop and/or Canva).  The various styles of mood boards that you will produce, are incredibly multi-functional and can be incorporated into online portfolios, social media marketing, website design, blog content and e-design services.


  • Includes downloadable files.



Course Reviews


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  1. Creative Heaven!


    I make no secret of the fact that I am a massive fan of everything Anita has done in the SketchUp Hub so far. I am so pleased to say that this new course has exceeded expectations in terms of ease of understanding, creativity and fun! Anita’s signature short video tutorial style means that it is easy to follow along and to learn at your own pace.

    This course embraces all the Hub’s values – in that it is so well written and put together. It empowers students to complete mood boards to a very high standard that isn’t always seen in the interior design industry. Why settle for anything less than a crisp precise and visually pleasing piece of work?

    Here is everything you have ever needed to create a stunning mood board with which to wow your clients; I mean if they can see that you can produce something to this standard then they will feel safe in your hands.

    I started this course with very minimal knowledge of Photoshop, yet I was soon able to import images, move things around, change sizes, create borders & boxes, frames & shadows. Not only that, I learned how to change the colour of images of furniture items; all this in one afternoon!

    The lessons given in this course are worth waaaaay more than the price of the course, and if you are going to use these skills in your day to day work I think this course would pay for itself in no time at all. Just buy it – you won’t regret it!

  2. Can't rate highly enough!


    I got so much from this course since it covers both Canva & Photoshop. Taught clearly and concisely and such high quality mood boards are made at the end of it.

  3. MoodBoard


    Excellent course. Struggled to understand Photoshop and SketchUp through U-Tube videos, but by taking Anita’s courses in SketchUp, Canva and Photoshop it’s all starting to make sense. Instructions are clear, she has a way of teaching that makes sense and simple to follow. Would definitely consider taking any of the courses and I’ll be signing up for more courses whilst working my way through the KLC course.

    Moodboard course was so easy to understand and the results speak for themselves. Sign up!!


  4. Photoshop and Canva!


    Full marks to Anita for these clear, understandable and easy courses to follow. I have grown so much with your support and step by step guide. U-tube and other videos I watched confused me and wasted many of my hours. So if you are looking to learn and expand your knowledge with Sketchup Hub you are in the RIGHT place! Good Luck!

    Miriam Grunfeld

    Grunfeld Interior

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