I show you how to create a furniture layout and a lighting plan.

What are the learning outcomes for this course?

  • Learn how to create a furniture layout to exact dimensions, including sofas, coffee tables, and an armchair
  • Become familiar with the various drawing tools to create a furniture layout, including the following: Tape Measure tool, Line tool, Rectangle tool, the Offset tool, the Arc tool and the Circle tool
  • Learn how to create a Component Library and edit Components for future use
  • Learn the importance of organising your floor plan, by creating Scenes and Layers
  • Learn how to create various electrical symbols to produce a colour-coded lighting plan
  • Includes downloadable, pre-constructed 2D Components for you to use in your floor plans

The Floor Plans You’ll Be Creating In This Course

Who is the Target Audience?

  • This course is aimed at Interior Designers, Interior Design students, Interior Decorators, Interior Architects, Interior Stylists and Home Staging professionals, with no previous (or very limited) knowledge of SketchUp.
  • Register with the SketchUp Hub, for free access to one of the video tutorials for this course: ‘Fine Tuning Your Furniture Layout’!  Go to the ‘Curriculum’ tab and scroll down to where the ‘Free’ label is, and click on the title of the video tutorial to view. Easy, peasy!

Professional Practice

  • This course will provide you with the necessary SketchUp skills to create an accurate furniture layout and lighting plan, based on real life dimensions, including efficient workflow for the construction of 2D components, as per recognised technical drawing symbols.  You will learn how to create a furniture layout and lighting plan accurately and efficiently, and in a professional manner, to support your design processes when considering layout and traffic flow.  The floor plan, with furniture layout will be the foundation from which you will add further detail in course #4, where you will add colour and texture.  Ultimately, the floor plan with furniture layout will be used to assist your design workflow and to facilitate discussion with clients when communicating design proposals.  As will the colour-coded lighting plan, however this will be more applicable when communicating with Tradesmen.


  • Includes downloadable files.
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Posting a Review

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Course Reviews


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  1. Learning so much


    The informal nature of the course makes for a great learning environment. Instructions are stated simply and are easy to understand, enabling you to achieve your learning goal in a flexible and effective manner. The course is laid out in sections, with a detailed table of contents, making it easily accessible and presented in a logical sequence.
    Making learning enjoyable!

  2. My SketchUp brain is growing!


    Following along and with full comprehension! (What’s the point of taking the courses if you’re not able to digest everything that’s taught, right?) This one took a good chunk of time for me (since there were some differences with MacOS)– but it was broken down in a very smart manner where I didn’t feel my brain was fried by the end. Learning to organize components, scenes and layers.. sometimes felt equivalent to cleaning house but Anita broke it down wonderfully in each exercise.

  3. Course 3 complete! Learned so much and really enjoyed creating furniture and layouts!


    Learned so much and really enjoyed creating furniture and layouts!

  4. Excited for the Future!


    Taking some time on a Saturday to really learn furniture plans in a slow and relaxed way – without feeling rushed. I’m only half way through and I feel really excited about what I am creating. The components library is created and from that I can see, I will be able to save so much time in the future when working on plans and projects which have similar shaped items. For basic floor plans where you are giving the client an idea of how the space can be used they will be so valuable. Having a really lovely time on here! It’s enjoyable and so easy to follow due to the courses being so well explained. I am excited about what the future holds!

    I have finished this tutorial now and want to say a huge thank you to the Course Organiser – Anita for being there and holding my hand – such amazingly quick help when I needed it most. I am so excited to move onto the next tutorial!

  5. Easy learning


    I have found all of the courses so far easy to follow and have really helped, I wish I had done this earlier.

  6. Easy to understand


    I used to be afraid of lighting and making a lighting plan, but Anita makes it very simple to understand and execute. As always this is a great tutorial and very informative.

  7. 5

    One more course with the Sketchup Hub is completed and I keep enjoying it! Thank you Anita

  8. Course 3


    Another fantastic course: clear, detailed and invaluable. Thank you Anita!

  9. So helpful


    This tutorial is a complete simplified guide for newbies like me, made things so much easier while using sketchup.

  10. Creating Furniture Layout and Lighting Plan


    This tutorial taught me how to create a furniture layout and lighting plan. The instructions are clear, precise, and very easy to understand. I have definitely improved my SketchUp skill-set after completing this course and feel confident that I will be able to utilise the knowledge gained in this tutorial in the future.

  11. Very comprehensive


    The more I learn in SketchUp, the more I realise I need the SketchUp Hub! There is so much functionality available in the software and this particular course covers a lot of ground. I feel ready to create a floorplan with furniture and even a lighting plan (though I’m sure I will need to refer back to a video or two!). It’s great that the course is split down into bitesize pieces. Thanks Anita!

  12. 5

    I cant believe I’m catching on to everything so fast! Anita, you describe everything so well!!!

  13. All of a sudden, a light came on!!!


    Each Course gets a little tougher… let’s face it, we’re here to learn something and if it wasn’t a bit of a challenge we wouldn’t be learning anything, and wasting our time. I found this course a bit of a learning curve, especially the lighting section. But after going through it a few times and with the help of Anita, I finally got it! I found it helpful to make a few notes because it’s a lot to learn, and I like referring back to my cheat sheets. Onto the next!

  14. 5

    The course was easy to follow, but I am sure I will be referring to it quite often when I start my designs. Anita is very detailed in her explanations

  15. Loving these SketchUp courses


    Very easy to follow and understand. Thank you for revealing the tips and tools to use SketchUp.

  16. Extremely Informative


    I found the module extremely informative and easy to follow. I love that each concept is thoroughly explained!!

  17. 5

    Fabulous! I tried navigating SketchUp on my own and was overwhelmed with its many options. Anita provides interior design targeted tutorials that allow the user to progress efficiently in addition to lightning fast support. Highly recommend!

  18. Easy Instructions


    Very clear and direct to the point. Exactly what I needed! Don’t hesitate to enrol in this course. It gives the right foundation in creating a floor plan.

  19. Gaining confidence!


    Really enjoying the tutorials. Anita makes things as straightforward as possible and so much easier to understand than when I tried navigating SketchUp on my own! Have had to redo parts a few times to get it right but the practice has been worth it. Every time I complete a tutorial I just want to do more. So pleased I’ve signed up for the student bundle.

  20. #3


    From someone who was struggling to learn CAD, each course felt so clear to understand and really helped me grasp SketchUp.

  21. 5

    Excellent course, thank you so much Anita! Even though I have been using SketchUp for a while, I still learnt a lot!

  22. Great detailed course...


    This course is very easy to follow and talks you through every single step. A great way to really grasp floor and lighting plans.

  23. Lots to learn


    Was slow getting through this (nothing to do with the course) but well worth it. So valuable!!!!

    I’m in love with Sketchup Hub and all the support I get!

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