I take you on a tour of SketchUp and discuss the most common drawing tools used to create floor plans.

What are the learning outcomes for this course?

  • Choose the correct drawing template
  • Have a better understanding of the SketchUp interface
  • Become familiar with the basic drawing tools in SketchUp

Who is the Target Audience?

  • This introductory course is for anyone who would like to get a better understanding of the SketchUp interface.
  • This course is aimed at Interior Designers, Interior Design students, Interior Decorators, Interior Architects, Interior Stylists and Home Staging professionals, with no previous (or very limited) knowledge of SketchUp.


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Posting a Review

      • Once you’ve completed the course, we would really appreciate if you could take two minutes to post a review! Check out the video in our Forum, for more information on how to do this.


Course Reviews


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  1. Organized and Professional


    Having been in construction most of my life, I am able to recognize a professional instantly. In just a few videos Anita had my SketchUp workspace organized with Layer/Styles/Component trays. Thanks Anita. I look forward to more videos.

  2. Interior Design student review


    I have just completed the free course. I am competent in both autocad and sketchup and can create 3D models etc but I always like to advance my skills and learning, especially from a professional, which is why I enrolled. There is always more to learn. Even very tiny details that I didn’t know, are important or handy, like how Anita shows you to hide the default tray and change the camera settings to top view. Splitting the tutorials is a great idea as always easy to go back and refer to if needed. Everything is explained so you can understand well and the tutorials are clear and sound perfect. Well done Anita, look forward to what’s to come! x

  3. Great beginnings


    There are no other courses that show you in such a clear way, how to set everything up from the very beginning.

  4. Perfect start


    Perfectly paced for me, a complete novice! can’t wait to learn more! Kim

  5. Excellent Instruction


    Excellent instruction. Explained simply and easy to understand.

  6. Clear, simple and easy to follow!


    This was a great introduction to SketchUp, helping to familiarise you with its seemingly complicated tool bars and menus. Anita’s instructions were clear, simple and easy to follow. I also appreciated her advice to not be afraid of the software; very important for moving on to the next step! The only thing to bare in mind is that some of the information about trays is different for Mac users compared to Windows PC users, but this didn’t create too much difficulty for me as the software is quite intuitive, so a quick scroll through all the available Mac toolbars helped me to find the equivalent page to the one Anita was describing on her PC. I’m now excited to begin the “Creating a Basic Floor Plan” tutorial. Thank you Anita for your help!

  7. The Sketchup Interface


    I use Sketchup on a daily basis to create 3D models of interior of the spaces that I design. I recall how daunting the interface was when I first attempted to learn it! I am considering Anita Brown’s courses as I would like to create quick and accurate floor plans without having to learn another, more complicated software such as AutoCad. In this introductory course, Anita has simplified the Sketchup interface and has highlighted the most useful features. I’m especially grateful for the advice on organizing the default tray as it was always an issue for me. Thank you Anita!

  8. Concise and Effective


    Love it!

  9. #1 The SketchUp Interface


    I found it very easy, clear and understandable. I am really encouraged to complete the other courses as I am sure they are going to be useful for my future interior design business and my studies.

  10. 5

    Anita takes all the confusion out of what could be a daunting start. Brilliantly and simply explained first video. Thank you so much, excited to progress and learn, learn, learn! Leigh-Anne Power, Interior Designer.

  11. A good foundation


    This was a very clear and easy to understand tutorial. Although I have used SketchUp before, it was really useful to learn the ‘proper’ way to be doing things, and to feel confident that my controls were all set up properly.

  12. Course #1


    Excellent! Very thorough and easy to understand. I have taken a SketchUp course previously but I want to incorporate renderings, floor plans and ideas for my interior decorating clients.

  13. Course #1


    Excellent course showing the basics, really helpful and easy to understand the walk through. Can’t wait to get started on the other courses now 🙂

  14. Sketchup Interface - handy reminder of key features


    This was a handy reminder of the basics of Sketchup. I learnt one new thing and that was how to take perspective off and to add parallel projection. I didn’t know that – and I should have done as it’s quite basic.

  15. Thank you!


    I think I am going to get a lot out of this set of courses. I can’t wait to start the next one!

  16. Sketchup for Interiors


    Great tutorial, easy to follow. Looking forward to the other courses.

  17. Thank you!


    Great course giving a detailed intro into the SketchUp Interface!

  18. Good Intro!


    As a Mac user, with a few differences to the PC version, this is a really easy to follow tutorial, a good introduction and refresher into the sketchup interface.

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