I show you useful tips and efficient workflow to present your IDI floor plan, to scale, using LayOut.

What are the learning outcomes for this course?

  • Added guidance when preparing the Interior Design Institute (IDI) floor plan, prior to completing course #4 Adding Colour & Texture to a Floor Plan.
  • How to organise the floor plan into Scenes & Layers after having completed course #4 Adding Colour & Texture to a Floor Plan.
  • Learn how to create a border and title block on an A4 page, using LayOut.
  • Learn how to present your floor plan with different line weights in LayOut, and include labels, dimensions, a North arrow, a logo and a completed key with general information.

The Project Files You’ll Have Access To In This Course

The Final Floor Plan You Will Be Creating In This Course

Hover over the wooden floor to read more about this floor plan.


Who is the Target Audience?

  • This bonus course is aimed primarily at IDI students, who have purchased the SketchUp Student Bundle, however it has been made available to all SketchUp Hub students who have purchased this Bundle.  The SketchUp Hub has partnered with the IDI, learn more here.
  • Register with the SketchUp Hub, for free access to one of the video tutorials for this course: ‘After Colour & Texture Has Been Applied’! Go to the ‘Curriculum’ tab and scroll down to where the ‘Free’ label is, and click on the title of the video tutorial to view. Easy, peasy!

Student Support

  • This bonus course has been tailor made to provide IDI students with additional support and guidance when creating a floor plan for assignment 4 of their Diploma.  This course has video tutorials providing useful tips and efficient workflow, which must be watched after you have completed course #3 and #4.  With regards to printing to scale, students can choose to follow the specific video tutorials in this bonus course (fast track), dedicated to printing to scale using LayOut, instead of watching the more in-depth video tutorials in course #6 Presenting Your Plans to Scale, for the purposes of completing assignment 4.  However, we recommend that all IDI students watch the video tutorials in course #6 at a later date.




Course Reviews


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  1. Bonus Course IDI Students


    Fantastic course. Easy to follow with invaluable tips. Thank you Anita!

  2. Fantastic addition to the sketchup hub courses.


    Really enjoyed this part of the course. Felt like everything I had been learning in courses 1-3 finally came together. Such a great feeling to see my final floor plan represented as a PDF document. Can’t wait to learn to render.

  3. Course #9


    The course is more than amazing. It helped me a lot not only in accomplishing my Bachelor Degree assignment accurately but it made me feel so confident in presenting my work in a professional way for clients. It is a gonna be a great addition to my portfolio. Many thanks Anita, for your great effort and detailed explanation.

  4. 5

    So clear, concise and easy to follow, enabling me to hand in a professionally presented assignment for module four of the IDI course. Could not recommend it more. A great addition to the bundle. Thanks so much.

  5. Great tutorial


    So much information. Great for IDI students.
    Will be referring back to this alot while attempting mod 4 assignment.
    Thanks Anita


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