How To Create an Instagram Flat Lay in SketchUp

We love it when a great idea comes together, and that’s exactly what happened this weekend.

The SketchUp Hub is completely and utterly focused on teaching Interior Design professionals and students, how best to present their design proposals using SketchUp.

We want you to be able to create your plans quickly, accurately and professionally, whilst still offering your client a top-notch presentation.

This is why we created a course where you can render your floor plans and elevations, and then transform them into watercolour illustrations. These illustrations will look amazing as part of a presentation, but will also add that all important eye candy to your websites, blog/social media content and of course, portfolios.

Rendered SketchUp Floor Plan

Following on from this, we’re also going to show you how to create the ever popular Instagram inspired ‘flat lay’, but instead of experiencing the hassle of sourcing (and in some cases paying) for individual product samples and materials, and then setting them up for a photoshoot, we’ve gone one better.

We’re going to show you how to create an illustrated, Instagram inspired, flat lay in SketchUp!

Yep, you’ll be able to include this presentation style on your websites, blogs, social media…the sky is the limit!  Can you imagine presenting your design proposals to your client, and using the above illustration as the front cover?!

Amazing, right?!

We’ve had an UNBELIEVABLE response to our SketchUp flat lays on Instagram recently, which is why we’ve decided to show YOU how to achieve this look too.  To save you a little bit of time, we’re also going to include three blank SketchUp templates, that have varying flat lays ready for you to apply colours/textures and any other bits ‘n’ pieces you’d like to add.

We’re going to work on the video tutorials this week, and will issue an update when the course has been published, so watch this space!

PSST!  This is also a great way to communicate and present design proposals for the weddings and events industries!

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  1. Hey, so when will the ‘ creating a flat lay ‘ course be out?

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