Heal’s – A Dream Commission

At the SketchUp Hub, we don’t JUST teach Interior Designers and Interior Design students how to create KICK ASS illustrations of their designs.  We actually create illustrations (or photo-real images) for professional commissions too.  So you can guess our response when we were asked to create watercolour illustrations for the one and only, Heal’s.

We were a bit like THIS, after we read the email asking us if we’d be interested:

You see, we kinda love Heal’s.  Well, not a wee bit but a WHOLE LOT.

We’ve used their products in our own design schemes (the one’s we do for fun, yes, really).

Like the time we included their ‘Graphic’ rug in our Scandinavian design

Or the time we incorporated their ‘Andria’ rug, into our blush and navy design scheme

And let’s not forget the time we invited Heal’s to the dark side, when we created a contemporary, urban inspired Christmas interior.  We might have used ANOTHER rug from Heal’s.

Spotting a pattern?

Yes, it’s our life’s ambition to own a rug from Heal’s and we will!

We will, dammit!

But let’s get back to our awesome commission, shall we?

Initially, we got chatting with the lovely Kate from Mad about the House, and she told us about an EPIC collaboration she was going to undertake with Heal’s.  She spotted our watercolour illustrations for the House and Garden Festival, and thought our illustrations would be a perfect fit for her collaboration.

Before we knew it, we were working on a commission for Heal’s!


If you are ANY sort of interiors fans, you’ll know how freakin’ awesome this is.

Anyway, I was responsible for creating watercolour illustrations of two window displays at their Westbourne Grove store, which were designed by two very talented ladies: Kate (as above), and Tiff from Curate & Display.

Both Designers are going to create their window displays during a live event, and Heal’s wanted to use my illustrations to help promote it.

What a flippin’ great commission, huh?!

Every single illustration I create, whether it’s a floor plan or 3D scene, includes a little bit of me, and I’m so proud that my work has been associated with such a credible UK brand, that I’m also a MASSIVE fan of.

And a huge thank you to Kate, for recommending me!

Click on these bad boys to increase viewing pleasure!

Floor Plan, Watercolour Illustration of Kate’s Design Scheme

3D Visual, Watercolour Illustration of Kate’s Design Scheme


3D Visual, Watercolour Illustration of Tiff’s Design Scheme


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  1. More fabulous work! Love these!!

  2. Great Job Anita. I love this too

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