How To Make Your Interior Design Client Presentations Stand Out

We decided to raise our game this week and challenged ourselves to produce a client presentation that represented an Interior Design business that had quite a fresh, contemporary approach.  With the digital revolution and more people choosing Interior Design as a profession, we now have Interior Design services that are becoming increasingly affordable and accessible. The current Pandemic has also forced business owners to think outside the box in terms of their online approach. Now is a great time for Designers to inject a strong signature style and brand presence in their client presentations to help them stand out.  

With their informal nature, online Interior Design services are a perfect fit for presentations that have a more contemporary vibe. Plus, it’s so important that edesign services produce client presentation packs rife with charm and personality to compensate for the lack of face-to-face interaction with clients. Remember: you want to take your client on a journey, where they witness your raw design talent and creative flair, whether they are looking at your design proposals in person or online.

In our client presentation, which was created in Canva, we have included an illustrated SketchUp floor plan and positioned a number of elements around it. This was very intentional: the floor plan, with furniture layout is central to this document and therefore should take up a lot of space.

It’s always important to establish a hierarchy within design documents of this nature so that all of the various elements aren’t fighting for attention. It also ensures that your client isn’t overwhelmed with the information provided. Balance, structure and harmony is always vital when creating client presentations, especially if there are lots of graphics and images.



This client presentation has been produced using a mobile optimised image size so that it can be easily posted on Instagram

The colour palette is a very simple series of rectangles that are positioned in a very understated way but you can still see them clearly. The background of this one page presentation has been divided into two sections, which facilitates the placement of product shots and the floor plan. A soft colour scheme of pink and off-white has been used (taking inspiration from the colour palette for consistency) and a fine pink line has been included to be a little ‘extra’.

Let’s talk about the product shots: we’ve ‘clipped’ these within circles to reinforce a contemporary appearance. Staggered positioning, a variety of sizes and graphic outlines all contribute to an uplifting and fresh aesthetic. We have included brief explanations to help fill out this area and provide snippets of useful information for the client.

The dots at the top of the client presentation are a nod to strong ‘Millennial’ styling in terms of graphics and we felt they looked at home in this presentation. To further underpin the casual vibe of this design proposal we used first names in a modern font. We placed a geometric pattern behind the floor plan to help ‘anchor’ it a little and offset the entire drawing (floor plan) as this is more visually pleasing.

A brief paragraph on the design itself in the same subtle font and minimal branding finishes off this design document. This can obviously be supported by additional sources of information (product lists, elevations or 3D visuals) to create a presentation pack.

So many different ways to present your design proposals, whilst reflecting the individuality of your business and brand! Is this contemporary approach something you’d consider for your Interior Design business? Let us know in the comments!




Contemporary Client Presentation iPad

Classic Modern Client Presentation iPad

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