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Create a Simple SketchUp Floor Plan In One Hour – Windows


This live, free webinar is for you if:

:- You are new to SketchUp, as it is aimed at beginners;

:- You have used SketchUp in the past but need a refresh;

:- You are still not sure if SketchUp is for you.


You’re an Interior Designer or an interior design student, or you are required to produce floor plans as part of your job.


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    Join this live, free webinar to learn how to create an accurate and professional technical floor plan using SketchUp.

    As an Interior Designer, it is imperative that you are competent at creating accurate and precise floor plans that are presented at a professional standard.  This is for two reasons: 1. A floor plan needs to assist your design processes when making decisions about space planning, furniture layouts and circulation requirements, and 2. They also need to support discussions with Tradesmen/Architects etc. and most importantly your client; enabling you to accurately and confidently communicate your designs and vision for a space.

    Hello SketchUp!

    SketchUp is one of the world’s most recognised CAD software applications for the Interior Design industry, due to its highly intuitive and user-friendly interface. This means you will see results almost immediately, after using SketchUp for the first time!

    What You’ll Learn In This Live Webinar

    SketchUp Hub Founder & Owner, Anita Brown will show you step-by-step, how to create a simple SketchUp floor plan including:

    :- the correct settings for the creation of 2D floor plans – this will encourage you to create plans efficiently;

    :- how to use the relevant drawing tools to create external walls, windows and doors; – this will ensure you use the most appropriate drawing tools at the right time;

    :- how to check the accuracy of your floor plan by using the tape measure – we will show you how to incorporate good habits from day one, to ensure accurate and professional results!

    Followed by a short Q&A and an exclusive offer.

    Don’t worry if you can’t make it, if you register to attend the live webinar, you will be able to view a replay for 48 hours after the live event.  The exclusive offer that we’ll announce at the end, will also be available to those of you who registered, but can’t attend!

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    This live, free webinar is for Windows users. Click here if you use Mac.

    Floor plan created using SketchUp and enhanced using Photoshop. See course #7 Rendering Floor Plans & Elevations for more information

    All Webinar Attendees Who Stay To The End Are Rewarded With One of These 3D Models! Pick Your Fave!

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