New Course! How to Render Your SketchUp Plans!

If you’re a member of our Facebook Group, you’ll be aware that we’ve been working on a new SketchUp course, to teach Interior Designers and Interior Design students, how to render their floor plans and elevations, to include highlights and shadows.  And also how to transform them into watercolour illustrations.

Our new SketchUp course, will teach you via video tutorials, how to take a standard floor plan like THIS.

Standard SketchUp Floor Plan

And transform it into a whimsical, watercolour illustration, that looks like THIS!

Rendered SketchUp Floor Plan

Big difference, huh?!

Our new SketchUp course shows you how to add depth and an awesome 3D effect, without the need for complex rendering software.  All you need is Photoshop, or similar image editing software, and in approx. 20 minutes, you’ll be able to create a floor plan (or elevation) that has a creative, hand drawn effect, that’s as unique, as your design!

This course, entitled ‘Rendering Floor Plans & Elevations‘, costs £35, however, if you purchase our SketchUp Bundle or our SketchUp Student Bundle, you will be given access to this course FOR FREE!


Got a question about this course?  Contact us!

Here’s a few examples of awesome floor plans and elevations that we rendered (using Photoshop)!


Rendered SketchUp Floor Plan – Open Plan Living
Rendered SketchUp Floor Plan – Industrial Inspired
Rendered SketchUp Floor Plan – Scandinavian Inspired
Rendered SketchUp Elevation – Reception Area
Rendered SketchUp Elevation – Contemporary
Rendered SketchUp Elevation – Scandinavian

Check out our Pinterest board to see more examples of our rendered floor plans and elevations!

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