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Pack of two Canva templates for kitchen or bathroom design allowing you to produce professional and visually striking grid style mood boards, so that you can confidently present and communicate your design proposals to clients. Perfect for both in-person and edesign services. Can also be used as part of a presentation pack and provides engaging and inspirational content for your website, blog, social media channels and/or newsletters.

We have included two styles, each with three variations for Instagram/Facebook, Pinterest and an A4 page.  The templates include an area for product/inspiration shots, flooring & finishes, cabinet design and in some instances a brief design rationale/title. These Canva templates give you the opportunity to present your ideas at a professional standard but also without wasting precious time on designing layouts: it’s all done for you. 

Whilst we have created these templates for Interior Designers (and students), anyone who is required to produce mood boards of a highly visual nature will also find these incredibly useful.

Please choose from the license types available in the dropdown box; the price of the license will change accordingly.

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About this template

What’s Included:

  • Mood board Canva template for Instagram (also suitable for Facebook), Pinterest and A4 page size;
  • PDF download with relevant links to Canva templates and guidance, including a quick video tutorial.

To customise this template:

  • You must have a Canva account. A free account is fine.
  • Once you receive the PDF document, open it, and click the link to open your template in Canva.
  • Edit any or all elements to create your unique presentation using the Canva templates. Be careful! If you deviate from the layout/elements in this template, you may negatively impact its overall visual appeal. We recommend staying pretty close to the original layout provided (but obviously you’re very welcome to edit colours/annotations/titles and imagery).
  • You should customize this template on a desktop or laptop and not on a mobile device.


  • Easy to customise, simply drag & drop your images, change the colour palettes and edit the text.

  1. Due to the digital nature of this product, you will not receive a physical shipment. Upon purchase, you will receive a download link to a PDF which will contain the Canva template links.
  2. Download links expire in 90 days, please open all purchased products (by clicking the templates links) as soon as possible, and save a copy in your Canva account.
  3. Due to the digital nature of this product, all sales made are final. There will be no refunds or exchange of items once a purchase is complete. For technical difficulties and other inquiries, please contact the SketchUp Hub at hello@sketchuphub.com
  4. All products are sold to individuals. The license to the template is given to the buyer only. See license details in the next tab.

Note that the design is copyrighted to the SketchUp Hub.

Please Note: A basic knowledge of Canva is recommended. If you would like to learn how to use Canva and Adobe Photoshop to create mood boards, check out our online course. All templates are fully editable and can be used multiple times with different images and colour combinations.

All images used in these previews are for display purposes only and we have included them in the Canva templates to provide you with inspiration. Please replace these images with your own designs, photography or stock images. Image copyright is retained by their respective owners.

License Types

You may use this template for personal or commercial use. Each purchase grants ONE license to you, the buyer – only. See usage details and restrictions below:

  • Under this license, you may use this template to create end-products ONLY.
  • You may NOT redistribute or resell this product or a modified version of this product in its editable template format.
  • Personal Use – Hobbyists and Students: Under this license, you may create an unlimited number of end products using this template, for your personal use (not used for your business or any other commercial purposes).
  • Commercial Use – Business Owners: Under the license, you may create commercial end-products up to 5000 copies. It may be that you create one end-product and sell 5000 copies of that one product, or create 10 end-products and sell 500 copies each. If you need to create multiple products for yourself or for clients for commercial use and the end-products exceed a total of 5000 copies, then please purchase another license of the product.

Additional uses under this license (for both personal and commercial):

  • One personal or business social media account owned or managed by the licensee.
  • Unlimited physical advertisements.
  • Digital paid advertisements with unlimited impressions.


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