Take Our Bundle Course for FREE!

Yep, you heard right.  We want to give you COMPLETE and UNLIMITED access to our SketchUp Bundle online course, absolutely FREE.

But there are a few conditions (come on, you didn’t think we’d give you complete access without a bit of mutual back scratching, right?!).

After you take our SketchUp course, you’ll be able to create amazing floor plans, just like this!


In order to get FREE access to our SketchUp Bundle course, you MUST have a substantial following on Instagram and have a blog (which is regularly updated).

Here’s what you need to do, to ensure you maintain* free access to our SketchUp Bundle course:

  1. All users who have been given free access to one or more SketchUp Hub course, in return for social media/blog exposure, MUST complete the course in a timely and consistent fashion i.e. there MUST be weekly activity on the Hub.  If a user has been given free access to an entire BUNDLE, this user MUST complete the ENTIRE BUNDLE within 4 weeks, as per the Learning Schedule, which is now available to download.
  2. All users must mention the SketchUp Hub and provide progress updates/images of their work via social media, on a WEEKLY basis.  We don’t expect weekly blogs but DO expect a blog post to be written once the course/bundle has been completed.  Blog posts must include the benefits and features of the SketchUp Hub and its courses, with all relevant links included.  Here’s a handy summary of the benefits and features of the SketchUp Hub – we’ve done the hard work for you!  Just pick a few to include in your weekly Instagram posts and include most of them in your blog.
Rendered SketchUp Elevation


Please remember, the courses you may be given free access to, are PAID courses, that many SketchUp Hub users have already legitimately paid for.  The SketchUp Hub is a business, and requires timely and consistent, social media/blogging exposure to increase its visibility.  Therefore, please consider if you can commit to the above terms and conditions, before contacting us to discuss further.

We love working with people who are excited and inspired by SketchUp, so if you are interested in collaborating with us, to increase exposure of our awesome online learning platform and community, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line.


*Please note that if you have been given free access to one or more SketchUp Hub courses and there has been no activity on your account in 7 days, and you do not comply with the terms and conditions specified above, your access to the course(s) may be revoked.

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  1. Hi, How much does the bundle cost in American Dollars?

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