SketchUp Hub – Benefits & Features

What you need to know:

– My main business is 3D Visualisation, I provide this service to the Interiors, Weddings and Events industries;
– I have a background in Interior Design and studied with the National Design Academy, which is why I’m so well placed to deliver my SketchUp online courses!
– Registration on the website is free and everyone who registers will automatically be enrolled on the first course for FREE; it’s called The SketchUp Interface;
– All of the courses are delivered using HD and mobile responsive video tutorials, using screen capture software, so that students can follow along;
– I conducted market research prior to launching the SketchUp Hub, and over 130 Interior Designers confirmed they would prefer that the courses were offered individually, as opposed to one large course.  Meaning that they could choose a course or courses relevant to their learning needs/objectives.  And that’s exactly what I did!
– There are 7 individual courses in total, that teach Interior Designers how to create a basic floor plan, how to create a furniture layout, how to create their own lighting plan, how to add colour and texture to their plans, how to create a window treatment elevation, how to present their plans to scale AND how to enhance their plans, so that they have a 3D quality and look like watercolour illustrations;
– I include efficient workflows in my tutorials, to make the best use of both SketchUp AND the Interior Designer’s time, when creating floor plans and/or elevations;
– One of the most complex elevations to create, are window treatments (especially curtains), so my course on elevations, focuses on creating a window treatment elevation;
– There are many bonus tutorials in the courses, providing useful tips ‘n’ tricks;
– I offer two bundle packages: one for Interior Designers and one for Interior Design students.  Both of these bundles include very generous discounts AND include the course that teaches you how to enhance your plans (course #7) FOR FREE.
– There is a forum and a private Facebook Group that provides additional support/networking/assistance to all members.
– All students who purchase a course, are entitled to 2 hrs email support directly from me, in case they need additional support, as they progress through the course.
– The courses are delivered using the Windows version of SketchUp, however Mac users are still able to follow along, as there are very minor differences.
– Most of the courses include downloadable content of the course materials as learning aids;
– Once a member purchases a course, they will have UNLIMITED access to all of the video tutorials;
– To help students stay focused and organised, (only for Bundle purchases), we’ve provided a free downloadable Learning Schedule, which keeps students on track to complete the Bundle course in 4 weeks.

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