June 2019 – Aamirah Patel

Every month we recognise the achievements and progress of our students by awarding one lucky student the title of SketchUp Hub Star.  To be considered you must post your work on Facebook or Instagram (including our Facebook Group) and tag us.  It can be a work in progress, a huge win you’ve experienced after encountering learning obstacles or a completed plan or drawing that you’re super proud of. All of the student work posted/tagged in that month will be considered and one student will have his/her work featured on our website and will be allowed to choose ANY 3D model from our online shop to use in their SketchUp projects.  Pretty cool, huh?!

For the month of June we have chosen this watercolour illustration of a floor plan and bathroom elevation created by Interior Designer and SketchUp Hub graduate, Aamirah Patel.  Aamirah signed up to our SketchUp Bundle course in October 2017 and from the early stages of her learning, Aamirah demonstrated excellent proficiency and attention to detail when using SketchUp.  Her presentation skills were also of an incredibly high standard.

Watercolour illustration of an apartment floor plan, showcasing an open plan living/kitchen and dining area.  Aamirah has ensured a cohesive and consistent approach in her design by using a similar colour palette throughout.  Her use of striking pattern has added visual interest and individuality to this apartment design.  To add further context to the bathroom design, Aamirah has created a watercolour illustration of the bath wall via a 2D elevation.  The feature wallpaper takes centre stage in front of the statement bath, and whilst it is high impact, it has been softened with a floral print in a subtle colour palette.

Aamirah adopts a consistent level of commitment and determination when undertaking her SketchUp projects.  She places great emphasis on quality and high standards of presentation, which is something the SketchUp Hub is very passionate about.  It’s very obvious that Aamirah has practised the watercolour rendering technique, which we teach in course #7 Rendering Floor Plans & Elevations, as there are skilled (layered) watercolour effects in her illustrations, with beautifully whimsical illustrated edges.  Well done, Aamirah!

What do you find the most challenging about being an Interior Designer?

I think the misconception people have that interior design is expensive. However, clients then realise having a Designer from the start makes the process less stressful and saves them money.

Which style of Interior Design inspires you the most?

My go-to style is contemporary. Whilst there is a signature design aesthetic that flows through all my projects, I always look to draw inspiration from my travels, the fashion industry and nature.  This is a fantastic way to inject character into any space, obviously while keeping the client’s requirements in mind.

Why did you decide to learn SketchUp?

I wanted to be able to communicate my designs and ideas accurately and professionally to clients.  I also found SketchUp to be very user friendly, and it also produces high quality technical plans.

What have you enjoyed the most about your SketchUp Hub learning?

I really enjoyed how quickly I was able to learn new skills, in such a short timeframe. The courses also gave me the confidence to post my designs on Instagram so that I can connect and engage with my target audience.  I was reluctant to publish my work before taking the Bundle course.

This is Aamirah, our SketchUp Hub Star for June!

Aamirah chose the Brass Mirror & Hanging Rail 3D model because brass accents are a personal favourite. They add a luxurious touch to the simplest of spaces and are stylish, practical and incredibly versatile.  And the SketchUp Hub agrees!

Click on the relevant image below to view the Brass Mirror & Hanging Rail 3D model.  We have included other 3D models that might be of interest.


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