New Payment Plans

One of our main goals at the SketchUp Hub, is to make our online SketchUp courses accessible and affordable to Interior Design professionals and students.

We’ve made sure that our HD video tutorials are mobile responsive (actually, the entire website is mobile responsive), which means you aren’t restricted to where you can learn SketchUp.  You can opt for the comfort of your sofa, while watching Game of Thrones, or you can be a little more orthodox, and choose the office.  It’s completely up to you.

And we’ve put together a tailor-made Learning Schedule, to help our students stay on track to complete our Bundle courses in 4 weeks.  We know that receiving access to 6 different SketchUp courses at the same time, may be slightly daunting.

Our Learning Schedule helps you PLAN, ORGANISE and FOCUS.


A sneak peek of our Learning Schedule

So we’ve got accessibility and organisation sorted but what about helping to manage the ol’ purse strings?

We know that balancing the books, whether you’re self employed or a student, can be a challenge, which is why we’ve introduced new monthly payment plans for our two SketchUp Bundle courses.  This will hopefully help our budget conscious students, stay on top of their finances.

How Does It Work?

It’s simple really.  You pay for either the SketchUp Bundle, or the SketchUp Student Bundle in 3 monthly instalments.  Each time you pay an instalment, you get access to two SketchUp courses from the Bundle (don’t forget that everyone who registers with the SketchUp Hub, receives course #1 The SketchUp Interface free).  This means you get the following access:

Payment 1:  Access to courses #2 Creating a Basic Floor Plan and #3 Creating a Furniture Layout & Lighting Plan

Payment 2: Access to courses #4 Adding Colour & Texture  to a Floor Plan and #5 Creating a Window Treatment Elevation

Payment 3: Access to courses #6 Presenting Your Plans to Scale* and #7 Rendering Floor Plans & Elevations

We will send you an email a week before the next instalment is due, and then a second email will be issued on the payment due date, with a password protected link, requesting payment.

And that’s it!  You still receive the same valuable content, but spread the cost over 3 months.



Got a question about our new payment plans?  Contact us!

*Please note that if you are using the free 30 day trial of SketchUp Pro, your trial will expire by the time you reach course #6 Presenting Your Plans to Scale.  Which means you will no longer have access to LayOut.  However, as the SketchUp license reverts back to the free version of SketchUp, once the 30 days has expired, you will still be able to print to scale and use the workarounds demonstrated in course #6, for SketchUp Make.  Once purchased, we permit unlimited access to our online courses.  So, if you decide to purchase SketchUp Pro at a later date, you’ll be able to refer back to the video tutorials that reference LayOut.

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