Five Ways To Reuse Your Floor Plans & Elevations

So you’ve watched the video tutorials for our SketchUp Bundle course and you’ve taken part in one of our many 5 Day Challenges, and now you’ve got a beautiful watercolour illustration of a dreamy design scheme taking pride of place on your computer screen.  Or maybe you’ve been practising your new skills and techniques and have created a catalogue of accurate and professional technical floor plans and elevations.

It doesn’t really matter how you produced them, the point is, they aren’t going to benefit your Interior Design business by gathering dust sitting on your Desktop.

You need to make these little nuggets of greatness work for you

To survive in this digital age, your business needs to stand out, inspire, engage and provide value to:

  • Raise the visibility of your brand
  • Grab Your Target Audience’s Attention
  • Increase Sales

And this is where your plans, elevations and illustrations become YOUR secret weapon

It takes a lot of commitment, determination, skill and practice to produce the plans and illustrations we teach in our SketchUp courses (or that you produce as a result of our 5 Day Challenges).

We want you to maximise their exposure, showcasing your new skill-set and the uniqueness of your brand.

Five Ways To Make The Most of Your SketchUp Plans


Incorporate your plans or illustrations into your website content, to either add visual appeal and a lovely dollop of creativity, or to help demonstrate the benefits of your service.

Website homepage providing visual appeal via photography and illustrations (the ‘photographs’ are 3D visuals created by SketchUp Hub Founder, Anita)


Include your floor plans or elevations (either technical or illustrated), in your online portfolio.  This is a great way to demonstrate how you have integrated SketchUp plans and elevations into your design process and also how it can benefit your client i.e. you can accurately communicate your designs in a unique and creative way.

Online portfolio demonstrating the ability to communicate conceptual designs using digital techniques


Create engaging content and provide value to your target audience by including your plans and/or drawings in blog posts.  This works particularly well for elevations where a design has been pulled together and the Interior Designer provides an insight into her/his design process, including a ‘shop the look’ element with product links.  Consider including a mood board of actual products to compliment the illustration.  PSST!  Blogging in this manner is a great way to reinforce your expertise and drive traffic to your website!

Example of blog content including a design scheme presented as a watercolour illustration, with a ‘shop the look’ element.  Excellent for providing value



Engaging imagery to command the attention of your target market and to help you stand out from your competitors is more important than ever in a noisy, social media driven world.  As an Interior Designer you should be focusing your attention on the social media platforms that are popular for Interiors, which includes Instagram and Pinterest.  Your ultimate goal as a business owner using social media, is to increase visibility of your brand and to drive traffic to your website to increase sales.  Remember to provide value, encourage (and reply!) to comments and use the appropriate hashtags.

A charming and whimsical illustrated floor plan will undoubtedly help you to stand out in the noisy world of Instagram, to the extent that Kelly Hoppen has taken notice (yes, optimistic but you can dream, right?!)


Making sure you communicate with your newsletter subscribers regularly is important, but it’s also vital that you include visually striking images to go alongside your copy (words), to grab your reader’s attention but also to demonstrate your razor sharp skills.  Whenever you have an opportunity to show off, do it!

Email newsletter incorporating photographic imagery (these are photo-real 3D visuals created by Anita) and a floor plan illustration.  Lots of visual stimulation to keep readers interested!

Have you used your SketchUp plans and elevations like our examples above?  Maybe you’ve used them in other ways?  If so, leave a comment (and a link!) so that we can see your beautiful work!

Please note that ‘Interior Edit’ is the brand name of a fictitious Interior Design company we devised to facilitate the creation of the sample graphics above.


6 responses on "Five Ways To Reuse Your Floor Plans & Elevations"

  1. I really like how you are providing inspiration and creative ways to use computer generated modeled images to add personality and character to the drawings and a website.

    I’m a designer and I’m really impressed. Imagine a client??? ?

    I really need to put my butt in a chair and learn Sketchup and these new rendering techniques!! Thank You for the motivation.

    • Hi Elle, thanks so much for your very kind and positive feedback. I’m delighted that you have found this post a source of inspiration. The SketchUp Hub places great importance on helping Interior Designers reach their full potential and we think it’s super important to make sure that you showcase these awesome plans and illustrations at their best, to impress your target audience and potential clients 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you progress through our courses soon!

  2. What an amazing and useful blog post. I will be sharing this with my audience. Thank you for publishing such a high quality piece of work.

  3. Thank you Anita for sharing this. These are great ideas that will definitely help my clients see what they can get with my design services. Great content!

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