So You’ve Registered, Now What?

So you’ve found us; you’ve had a look around our pretty awesome website and decided that yes, you want to register and become a SketchUp ninja when it comes to creating floor plans and elevations.

But here’s the catch (which shouldn’t really be a surprise), you gotta actually TAKE one of our courses!  To help ease you gently into the world of SketchUp, we’ve even provided the first course, The SketchUp Interface, absolutely free.  Yes, FREE!

We’re delighted with the number of people who have registered with the SketchUp Hub and we know that it takes time to establish an online learning platform and community like ours but without taking any courses, no one is going to learn diddly-squat around here!

And that’s the goal, right?

So we’re throwing down the gauntlet!  We’re challenging you to set aside 30 minutes next week, to watch the video tutorials for the first course, so that you can better your understanding of the SketchUp interface.  Easy peasy!

Are you up for it?!

For those of you who have enrolled for course #2 Creating a Basic Floor Plan, and have yet to complete it, we’re setting you a similar challenge! Set aside one hour next week and complete the first two units of this course.  It’s COMPLETELY doable!!

Come on guys!  You can do this!  Let’s see some ACTION around here!

If you need a little more encouragement, here are some amazing elevations that were created by one of our students last week!  Sarah has shown great focus and commitment to completing ALL of our SketchUp courses, and is well on her way to becoming a proficient SketchUp user.

We would LOVE to see some of YOUR work on our forum gallery too!

If anyone has any questions about our SketchUp courses, please feel free to drop a comment below or email us at hello@anitabrown3d.com.

Isn’t it about time you ditched the scale ruler and conquered SketchUp?

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