Video Tutorials

The optimal learning solution, when getting to grips with SketchUp, is the use of video tutorials. We have used high quality screen recording software and a top of the range microphone, to deliver every single video tutorial. Our video tutorials have also been recorded in HD, to ensure a top-notch viewing and learning experience.

Video tutorials allow each student to view the various SketchUp processes and workflow required, for each respective course and then follow along, at his/her own pace.  Each video has been structured to last no more than 15 minutes.  This was completely intentional on our part, as learning something new, (even SketchUp, with its user-friendly interface!), can be demanding on concentration levels and the ability to retain information.



Sample SketchUp Video Tutorial

Flexible Learning

The beauty of learning via video, means that you can view the courses at home, or in the office, and thanks to the mobile responsive platform that we have utilised, you can even watch and learn on your smartphone, while waiting for the next bus!

Individual Modules

We did our homework and surveyed over 100 professionals and students in the Interior Design industry prior to planning the structure of our online learning. Over 90% of respondents confirmed that they would prefer to have the course content broken down into individually priced modules, to suit their learning needs and objectives.  So that's exactly what we've done!

Structured Workflow

We've included recommended workflows, where appropriate, to make sure that each student not only learns the fundamentals of SketchUp to create floor plans, but also in a manner that is efficient, to encourage a streamlined approach.

Tips 'n' Tricks

We have included many time-saving hints and tips in our video tutorials, that will undoubtedly contribute further to optimum workflows and quality output when using SketchUp.

Unlimited Access

Once you've purchased your course, you will have unlimited access to the video tutorial: we don't set expiry dates. Hurrah! This means, you can refer to the tutorial again, in case you need to clarify something, or just want a refresh.

Free Content

We've included some free SketchUp tutorials (yes, FREE!), to give prospective students a glimpse into the format we use and the amazing SketchUp interface.  You MUST be registered to view the free tutorials.  We've made the process of enrolling for the free tutorials super easy: as soon as you're registered, you'll be automatically enrolled on the free courses and will receive an email notifcation, with a link to the relevant course.  High five!


Security is important to us, which is why we have a SSL secured connection to protect customer information and transactions. Find out more about SSL certificates here. We have also integrated highly recognised e-commerce platforms, to further reinforce security and a hassle-free checkout process. We use WooCommerce, to facilitate the selection of products and the secure payment gateway system, Stripe.

We want all of our students to be insanely proud of their progress and ability to create professional, fit-for-purpose floor plans, that will enhance their design processes and overall service. This is why we've put so much time and effort into our video tutorials.

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