First SketchUp Workshop in Belfast!

If you’re reading this blog post, chances are, you’re already familiar with the SketchUp Hub.

And if you aren’t, here’s a quick breakdown of what we do:

We teach Interior Designers and Interior Design students how to create their own SketchUp floor plans and elevations quickly, accurately and professionally.

Check out our About page to learn more, and then pop over to our Courses page, to take a peek at the online SketchUp courses we offer!

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As a result of our online learning platform (and our 3D Visualisation service), we’re usually in contact with Interior Designers on a daily basis, whether they are located locally, or further afield, and we’ve picked up on one recurring theme: some of you guys would prefer to learn SketchUp in a traditional, ‘classroom’ based environment.

We LOVE the digital world, but heck, sometimes you just can’t beat old skool teaching methods!

And we’re really loving the idea of meeting you guys in person too!  So if there’s enough interest, we might organise a one day SketchUp workshop in Belfast city centre, where you bring your laptop (already installed with the 30 day free trial of SketchUp), and we’ll cover the following:

  1. The SketchUp Interface
  2. Creating a Basic Floor Plan
  3. Creating a Furniture Layout
  4. Adding Colour and Texture
  5. Printing Your Plans to Scale
  6. Transforming Your Floor Plan into a Watercolour



To Scale Furniture Layout

When you attend our workshop, you’ll also be given FREE access to the equivalent, online video tutorials (so that you can refer back to these, if you need to) AND we’ll even include our ridiculously popular course #7 Rendering Floor Plans & Elevations.

Window Treatment Elevation, Illustrated as a Watercolour

We still need to flesh out the details and confirm if the conference/training spaces in Belfast can accommodate the power supply for 15 laptops! But we think this will be an absolutely awesome introduction to SketchUp, and a great way to meet like-minded, creative individuals.

PSST!  Even though our SketchUp courses are aimed at Interior Designers, there’s no reason why other Designers, for example, Wedding Planners or Events Designers, who create floor plans on a regular basis, can’t attend our courses too!

If you’re interested in attending our FIRST EVER SketchUp Workshop, and want to be kept in the loop, join our mailing list!



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